La Casa Azul
Authentic Mexican Restaurant


Business Hours:

  • Mon:  4-9 PM
  • Tue:  4-9 PM
  • Wed: 4-9 PM
  • Thur: 4-9 PM
  • Fri:  4-9 PM
  • Sat:  1-9 PM
  • Sun: 1-9 PM



Now Open!


New Location at:
Wallingford Ave
& 45th St


"In Oaxaca, a simple bowl of mole negro (there are seven official kinds) and a stack of freshly made tortillas is a noble meal. You can find both at La Casa Azul, a comfortable, colorful strip-mall restaurant on the northern reaches of Greenwood..." read more

------  Seattle Weekly.

Please read what our happy customers have to say about our food.

"From the moment the we passed through the door we were transported, this cozy little masters degree place just felt friendly, and smelled heavenly. The food was authentic and incredibly flavorful; not at all greasy or heavy. The service was good, and staff was friendly. This is not at all what wholesale sterling silver we expected from such a humble location. We are planning to make Casa Azul a weekly dinner retreat."  ---- JOANNE 

"This restaurant is a little hidden gem in North Seattle. High quality food...definitely authentic. The owner/chef is really friendly as well.‎" ---- JEFF

"Even within Mexico, Oaxaca cuisine is recognized fast house sale as having some of the best food in the country. This is a great place to get acquainted payday loan help with some of these flavors: they are authentic in their recipes, delicious and generous in their portions! Definitely impressed- will return and recommend!"     ---- ELNELLIS

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